Sheikh Aminur Rahman, CMO Of Nagad had attended SAB carnival ।। march 4, 2022

The 3rd National Sales Professional Carnival of Sales Ambassador, Bangladesh (SAB) has been completed with the intention of being skilled manpower to lead the world of tomorrow.

The carnival was held on Friday, at Engineers Institute Auditorium in Kakrail, Bangladesh. Prof. Dr. Mizanur Rahman, Head of The Department of Marketing, University of Dhaka and President of Marketing Alumni Association, was the chief guest at the function presided by the founder president of the organisation, Belayat Mamun.

It was also attended by Sheikh Aminur Rahman; CMO of Nagad, Shariful Islam Dulu; Secretary of Marketing Alumni Association, Nazar E. Zilani; CEO of Sharpener, Sakhawat Hossain; Vice Chairman of ESPN, Advisor and Executive Council Members; Basu Roy Chowdhury, Heera Chowdhury and many head of sales & marketing professionals all over Bangladesh.

Speaking as the chief guest, Dr. Mizanur Rahman said that “only skilled sales workers can build the prosperous Bangladesh of tomorrow”.

Shiekh Aminur Rahman spoke about “Digital transformation in Sales” and also thanked all the members of SAB to arrange such a wonderful program.

There was crest-giving ritual at the end of the day-long carnival. Finally, the National Sales Professional Carnival came to a close with a gift of greetings to everyone who attended.

Welcome All

Sheikh Aminur Rahman is a veteran corporate mind with a vast pool of diversified conquests under the field of sales and marketing and a prominent personality within the corporate spectrum of Bangladesh. In the corporate world, though he is known as Sheikh Aminur Rahman but he is widely well renowned as Chanchal as well. With his perennial experience of working in different multinational companies especially in the telecom and MFS sector, he has always been self-motivated and keen to create value and impact. Leadership and perseverance are two of the key traits that helped him manage his team and boost efficiency.
Currently, he is working as the Chief Marketing Officer for Nagad – the second largest DFS of Bangladesh that went through transforming the digital touchpoints for customers and created acceptance for Mobile Financial Services along with a surge in digital inclusion with sheer innovation under collaborative efforts. He is also the founder president of Corporate Executive’s Club Limited – a platform integrating corporate professionals under an open platform.
Throughout his corporate lifespan, he worked with brands that promote change and modernization. While serving as the Regional Head for Grameenphone, he was awarded the Champion trophy for “Best Region” for Q2 in 2013. Furthermore, he bagged the “Top Talent Executive” of Telenor and Grameenphone in 2011. In 2021 Nagad also honoured him with the prestigious award called “People’s Leader” and Leaders Forum Bangladesh (LFB) dignified him with the Award in “MFS” category in their LFB LEADERSHIP EXCELLENCE AWARD 2021.
With a very natural leadership style and diversified experience he thinks from different perspectives and find the means to introduce methods that benefit all relevant perspectives. Not only that he is a firm believer in leading his junior colleagues by example. Since he is a goal-oriented person and aware of the rapid demands of consumers and the market, so he does a quick study the customer spectrum and make quick decisions to cater to their needs and increase business profitability.
He is particularly experienced in the telecommunications and mobile banking industries as can be seen from his massive experience pool. Since he is a very hard working and dedicated to his work and those led him to be able to reach and work for the larger audience of Bangladesh and understand the scenarios from the grass root level. Since he has been associated with established companies even in their early days so that it helps him to gather necessary investors and ensure partners profitability as seen from the massive line of long-term partners that he has amassed over the years. On the other side, he is also a certified career counsellor and analyst, with an aim to promote corporate world leaders and create efficient leadership in future he tries to help specially students in schools, college, universities, and young professionals to set their career path. His motivating, extreme witty personality, and the ability to understand people’s psychology inspire people around him and excels most when working in teams by bringing everyone together in an organized manner.
With experiences and achievements, he chose to share the insights that he accumulated with the leaders of tomorrow. As professionals, he believes, we must first identify ourselves as capable sentient beings who are able to perceive emotions on a deeper note and not superficially. Going forward, he plans to act as a connecting dot for next generation specially for fresh graduates who merely know about corporate environment, communities, culture, and its etiquettes by giving them proper grooming, training, and career counselling to upsurge their skill sets and getting them ready to be enrolled in their desired position.