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Sheikh Aminur Rahman is a veteran corporate mind with a vast pool of diversified conquests under the field of sales and marketing and a prominent personality within the corporate spectrum of Bangladesh. In the corporate world, though he is known as Sheikh Aminur Rahman but he is widely well renowned as Chanchal as well. With his perennial experience of working in different multinational companies especially in the telecom and MFS sector, he has always been self-motivated and keen to create value and impact. Leadership and perseverance are two of the key traits that helped him manage his team and boost efficiency.
Currently, he is working as the Chief Business Officer for Nagad – the second largest DFS of Bangladesh that went through transforming the digital touchpoints for customers and created acceptance for Mobile Financial Services along with a surge in digital inclusion with sheer innovation under collaborative efforts. He is also the founder president of Corporate Executive’s Club Limited – a platform integrating corporate professionals under an open platform. Apart from this he is very much actively engaged in various social organizations and association.
Throughout his corporate lifespan, he worked with brands that promote change and modernization. While serving as the Regional Head for Grameenphone, he was awarded the Champion trophy for “Best Region” for Q2 in 2013. Furthermore, he bagged the “Top Talent Executive” of Telenor and Grameenphone in 2011. In 2021 Nagad also honored him with the prestigious award called “People’s Leader” and Leaders Forum Bangladesh (LFB) dignified him with the Award in “MFS” category in their LFB LEADERSHIP EXCELLENCE AWARD 2021. Recently he bagged Money 2.0 Outstanding Leadership Award for contribution to the field of Finance in Dubai.
With a very natural leadership style and diversified experience he thinks from different perspectives and find the means to introduce methods that benefit all relevant perspectives. Not only that he is a firm believer in leading his junior colleagues by example. Since he is a goal-oriented person and aware of the rapid demands of consumers and the market, so he does a quick study the customer spectrum and make quick decisions to cater to their needs and increase business profitability.
He is particularly experienced in the telecommunications and mobile banking industries as can be seen from his massive experience pool. Since he is a very hard working and dedicated to his work and those led him to be able to reach and work for the larger audience of Bangladesh and understand the scenarios from the grass root level. Since he has been associated with established companies even in their early days so that it helps him to gather necessary investors and ensure partners profitability as seen from the massive line of long-term partners that he has amassed over the years. On the other side, he is also a certified career counsellor and analyst, with an aim to promote corporate world leaders and create efficient leadership in future he tries to help specially students in schools, college, universities, and young professionals to set their career path. His motivating, extreme witty personality, and the ability to understand people’s psychology inspire people around him and excels most when working in teams by bringing everyone together in an organized manner.
With experiences and achievements, he chose to share the insights that he accumulated with the leaders of tomorrow. As professionals, he believes, we must first identify ourselves as capable sentient beings who are able to perceive emotions on a deeper note and not superficially. Going forward, he plans to act as a connecting dot for next generation specially for fresh graduates who merely know about corporate environment, communities, culture, and its etiquettes by giving them proper grooming, training, and career counselling to upsurge their skill sets and getting them ready to be enrolled in their desired position.

Career Highlights

  • 25 + years of diversified experience in the arena of Sales, Distribution & Marketing, Technology, Customer Service & Human Resources in Telecommunication (Mobile & Broadband) and MFS Industry in Bangladesh.
  • In-depth knowledge of Telecom & MFS sales & distribution system and played lead role in shaping and Implementation of Grameenphone & SureCash Distribution strategy & Nagad Sales & Marketing strategy.
  • Rolled out two new regions with complete new set up in Grameenphone
  • Selected as Telenor and Grameenphone Executive Top Talent for the year of 2011.
  • Innovated unique and nationally acclaimed distribution concepts to build up benchmark and best distribution service in the nation.
  • In-depth understanding of Regions & Initiator of Rural Distribution Models in Grameenphone while working in different corners round the nation.
  • Moderator of the first-time functional knowledge development programs & learning framework for field managers & front liners
  • Strong Leadership building in Nagad, a positive culture in GrameenPhone & SureCash company among the employees.
  • Implementation of PRISM (State of Art Apps for DSO to Management, daily dashboard) which has severely increased business performance in Nagad
  • Ensured transaction market share up to 17% and secured 2nd Position of MFS industry.
  • Keynote speaker in Money 2.0 held in Dubai.
  • Awarded the most prestigious award of Nagad “The Peoples Leader of Nagad (Best employee of the year 2020 -21.
  • Awarded Money 2.0 – Outstanding Leadership Award in recognition of my contribution to the field of Finance held in Dubai in 2022.
  • Awarded LFB Leadership Excellence Award – 2021 of my outstanding contribution in MFS.
  • Certified Career Analyst & Counselor.
  • Strong network in different kind of associations.
  • Founder President of Corporate Executive Club Limited.
  • Working on a dream to bridge young generation from university to Corporate.
  • A Family oriented person and married with single Kid.

Career Journey

01 August, 22 Till To Date

Nagad is a Digital Financial Service in Bangladesh operating under the authority of Bangladesh Post Office, an attached department of the Ministry of Post and Telecommunication and operated by Third Wave Technologies Limited.



07 May, 21 Till 31 July 22


Major Achievements

Customer Lifecycle Management: 

  • CLM customer conversion: Campaign Taker reached 2.30%
  • Churn back customers transaction: Transaction amount from the campaign taker has increased to BDT 65Mn in May
  • 3 Levels of Churn Management: Regular Campaign for 30+; 60+, and 90+ Nagad inactive customers has been implemented 
  • Service Churn back initiative: 7 Service specific churn back campaigns with relatively higher campaign taker (8-12%)

ATL Media:

  • Reach through TV Media: 97% reach to the audience with 155,770 spots in one year
  • ROI driven planning: with 36% premium spots, Nagad saved BDT 83M in one year gaining more than 8,000 GRPs

Digital Marketing:

  • Launch of Nagad Islamic: Leading the project of Nagad Islamic launch in 360 medium along with product design and app modification
  • Driving App behavior: App campaign driving planning and execution, driving App engagement campaign planning and execution, Winning Best App Marketing award in DMA 2021
  • Website Phase 1 Launch: Launched phase1 of revamped website on 23rd January 2022
  • Implemented Attribution Tool: Implemented Adjust SDK as the attributional tool to track each install and engagement by channel, date, tracker, geo etc
  • Implemented In-App Banner and Deep link in Nagad App: We have introduced in-app banner for the customer app where we can generate impressions worth USD 100,000 per month

Human Resource:

  • Structured Goal Setting & Performance Evaluation with SMART Goal Setting principle
  • Re - Organization facilitated multiple rounds
  • HR Title, Grade, Designation harmonization exercise and implemented in the whole organization
  • Launching of Voice of Employees


  • Launched first ever Islamic sub brand in MFS segment.
  • Started with 30 crore and reached 953 crore daily transactions.
  • Launching of *167# as customer on boarding process for bar phone base conversion.
  • Distributor SOP launched for Nagad.
  • Reached 6.25 cr customer milestone in 2 years’ time span.
  • Launched SSN and PESP project by on boarding 1.8 crore customer in 3 months’ time span.

20 April, 21 Till 06 May 2021


07 May, 19 Till 19th April 2021


Major Achievements

  • Ensured transaction market share up to 12% and secured 2nd Position of MFS industry.
  • In last two years 1194% Transaction growth has been ensured.
  • A team of 4,000 employees (260 own employees) are working with full motivation.
  • 190 Distributors and 200,000 retail base is running smoothly in the market.
  • Implementation of Distributor and Retail audit which has severely increased business performance.
  • Implementation of PRISM (State of Art Apps for DSO to Management, daily dashboard) which has severely increased business performance.
  • 100% compliance ensured upon implementing effective execution and monitoring tool as per Central Bank guidelines.
  • Sales strategy formulated such a way to achieve highest mileage with minimum cost.
  • Other than basic services successfully launched – Utility, BillPay, Online payments, onboarding Nationwide Retail Merchant etc.
  • More than 1000+ Business Clients on boarded ensuring finest Disbursement and collection solutions.
  • More than 19,000+ Outlets/Online merchants on boarded who are please to receive payments and customers are happy to use.
  • Implementation of a Dynamic KPI system which has completely turn around the business.

Implementation of various unique branding ideas to ensure vibrant presence of the Brand at retail point.

23 Sept, 18 Till 06 May 2019


01 June, 16 Till To Date

Celero Limited is a technologically advanced distribution, delivery, Online & digital platform management company which provides nationwide end to end availability of the innovative, hygiene, socially responsible and technologically advanced products & services by ensuring secured & fast movement through convenient mode of transport for all customer segments.

Celero Limited owns 5 Independent Limited Companies that established to cater the nationwide diversified & flexible business operation. 5 CEOs currently running the Regional Companies. These 5 regional companies are formed with unique ownership structure. Nationwide proven and successful business partners have ownership stake in the companies which is unique in the country. Beside 5 Regional Companies, Celeo Limited have venture in 4 other Subsidiary companies that engage in Technology & Delivery business.

01 Jan, 15 Till 30 Oct 2015

Innova Telecom Ltd. is a partnership company with an aim to serve the nation professionally in the fields of mobile device and accessories to retail and corporate market. The company is founded by a team of highly experienced management from the background of Telecom, Real Estate, Banking and Mobile Financial service sector with highly skilled operational team.

Innova Telecom Ltd has been established in the year 2014 as a national distributor of Shenzen Kenxinda Technology company Ltd.

Innova is committed to provide the best customer experience in distribution and channel management with extensive support in distribution channel, optimum level of stock, for immediate response for retail requirement.


04 Jan, 14 Till 30 Oct 2014

SureCash is the fastest growing Fintech Company in Bangladesh. Starting its services in 2014, it has created an open payment network in partnership with 5 local banks, including one of the largest state banks and more than 650 payment partners. It has developed its own proprietary technology and software development team initially focusing on connecting schools, colleges, government education programs reaching the last mile and utilities that touch most lives. This has resulted in a broad and deep network and customers with a low median age, acquired at minimal Customer Acquisition Cost (CAC) by aligning and leveraging its payment partners and securing a young customer base with significant Customer Long-term Value (CLV).

27 Dec, 09 Till 31 Dec 2013

Grameenphone, widely abbreviated as GP, is the leading telecommunications service provider in Bangladesh. With more than 54.5 million subscribers and 46.3% subscriber market share (as of August 2016), Grameenphone is the largest mobile phone operator in the country. It is a joint venture between Telenor and Grameen Telecom Crporaton, a non-profit sister concern of the microfinance organisation and community development bank Grameen Bank. Telenor, the largest telecommunications company in Norway, owns a 55.8% share of Grameenphone, Grameen Telecom owns 34.2% and the remaining 10% is publicly held.

01 Nov, 07 Till 31 Mar 2010


Major Achievements

  • Increased Telco sales growth (National contribution) from 4.5% to 13.37% in Mymensingh Region within 8 months time.
  • Secured National Best Distributor prize in Mymensingh in distributor meet of 2009
  • Key member of new distribution model roll out & Distribution manual.

02 Nov, 05 Till 31 Oct, 07

Major Achievements

  • Enabled Telco sales growth by 150% for years 2005-2006 in Khulna Region.
  • Enabled Reload Sales growth by 57% for years 2005-2006 in Khulna Region.
  • Increased Telco POS by 61% for years 2006-2007 in Khulna Region.
  • Increased Reload POS by 276% for years 2006-2007 in Khulna Region.

Developed a fabulous team in Khulna which possesses all the attributes to be the best among the country.

02 Jul, 05 Till 01 Nov, 05

07 Jul, 04 Till 01 Jul, 05

01 Oct, 03 Till 06 Jul 04

30 Dec, 99 Till 30 Sep, 03

01 Jun, 97 Till 29 Dec, 99

Social Engagements

executive club limited


Corporate Executive Club Limited

Khulna Club Limited

Permanent Member

Khulna Club Limited

Baridhara club limited

Permanent Member

Baridhara Cosmopolitan Club Limited


Bangladesh Angels

Fellow Member

Bangladesh Society for Human Resources Management

Notredame club limited

Life Member

Club Notredamians Bangladesh Limited

Gregorian Alumni Club Limited

Associate Member

Gregorian Alumni Club Limited

Rotary Club of Dhaka North West


Rotary Club of Dhaka North West

National Executive Committee Member

Marketers Institute of Bangladesh

Life Member

Leaders Forum Bd. Ltd.

  • 4 weeks course on “Certified Career Analyst” program, Edumilestones, India, (April, 2021)
  •  “Effective Communication Skills Program” Grameenphone, (February, 2012)
  • “GPWay Advanced Leadership” Grameenphone, (January, 2012)
  • “GPWay Basic Leadership” Grameenphone, (September, 2011)
  • 5 days training on “Effective Feedback & Coaching”, Training for trainers – Strategica, IFL (May, 2011)
  • 8.5 days Training on “Telenor Core Leadership” from IFL at Stockholm School of Economics, Oslo(March, 2007)
  • “Managing The Media” British Council, (19-20 Sep, 2006)
  • “Strategic Thinking Course” Grameenphone, (15-16 Feb, 2006)
  • “Leadership Skills Course” Grameenphone, (25-26 May, 2005)
  • “Conflict Management” Grameenphone, (19 May, 2005)
  • BS 7799 Awareness Course (Information Security) (24 Jan, 2005)
  • Conference – GSM Singapore Expo 2004, (06 Jun, 2004)
  • “Road to better solutions”, Training for Trainers – BAT, (10-11 Mar, 2004)
  • “GSM Orientation Program”, Grameenphone, (19 Sep, 2002)
  • “Training for Channel Partners” (Aug, 2002)
  • “Effective Meeting Skills” Grameenphone, (24 Apr, 2002)
  • “Training course on Team Building” Grameenphone, (24 Jan, 2001)
  • “Business without borders – sales mindset – unleash your hidden potential” – The Guerrilla Group Inc. (22 Sep, 2000)


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